Bright and Vivid is out today!

Finally, my new album Bright and Vivid is out today! I really hope you enjoy it! Here’s an iTunes link  – it will also be available at your other favourite online outlets as well as your local record store. If it’s not at your record store, just ask for it. It will help them know what their customers want!

We’re going on tour in a few days – check out the Live page to see all the tour dates. I hope to see your lovely faces in the audience!

Thank you!

xox K

2 Responses to Bright and Vivid is out today!

  1. Eric Ries says:

    I just ordered and received both of your solo CDs in the past week and have been playing them continuously. Together they vividly (appropropriately enough) display your range and talent. I’m guessing I’m not your typical demographic–53-year-old East Coast American male–but I nevertheless look forward to catching your December 8 show in Arlington, Virginia. All the best!

  2. Bern DeBacker says:

    Great album! Every song is like a new adventure. The music is powerful yet soothing and her voice is enchanting. The lyrics seem to arise from the soul to match the rhythm of each song.

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