Happy February everyone! Lots of projects in the works that I can’t officially announce yet… But… I have almost finished my new record! Just a bit of mixing left to do, and then it’ll be time to work on all the stuff that goes around the release of a record.

Here’s some art I love. Take a look around the blog, it’s filled with great stuff:

yellowtrace blog – Kumi Yamashita

Just watched Exit Through the Gift Shop! It was very well done. Also watched a cute little french movie called “Beinvenue Chez Les Ch’tis/Welcome to the Sticks”, which is a perfect movie for those times you want to watch something enjoyable, but without all the intensity. Speaking of intensity, I also loved True Grit.

Ok, stay healthy, there’s a bug going around. Wash your hands (but not with anti-bacterial soap. Just use normal soap. Save the antibiotics for when you have an infection. “Yes, mom”.)


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