East Coast dates!!

Hi! A big thank you to everyone who came out to support our west coast dates. Here, I am happy to announce, are our east coast dates! We are playing with lots of talented people, including my good friends Bird of Youth, who have a new record out as of Tuesday the 24th of May. Check it ouuuuuuuuuttttttttttt!

June 9th @ Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa, ONT
June 10th @ TRANZAC – Southern Cross Lounge, Toronto, ONT
June 11th @ Broadway Joe’s Bar and Grill, Buffalo, NY
June 13th @ T.T. The Bear’s, Boston, MA w/Bird of Youth
June 14th, @ Mercury Lounge, New York, NY w/Adam Taylor
June 15th, @ World Cafe, Philadelphia, PA w/Bird of Youth
June 16th, @ The Red Palace, Washington, DC w/Bird of Youth
June 17th @ Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY

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It’s touring season!

Hi friends!

After a long wait and it seeming like it was never going to happen, I am finally embarking on a tour to support ‘Are You My Mother?’. We’ll be starting with the west coast of the U.S.! Go to the live page for more details. I’ll have a band full of good looking guys and gal with me. And our good friend Himalayan Bear, who is amazing, will be joining us on tour. Looking forward to seeing you at the shows. East coast dates will be announced soon! New songs will be played!

May 6th @ Mt. Baker Theater, Bellingham, WA w/The New Pornographers, Mirah and Thao TIX
May 7th @ Boon’s Treasury, Salem, OR w/Himalayan Bear
May 10th @ Moe’s Alley, Santa Cruz, CA w/Himalayan Bear TIX
May 12th @ Hotel Café, Los Angeles, CA (8:00pm set time)  w/Himalayan Bear TIX
May 13th @ Tin Can Alehouse, San Diego, CA w/Himalayan Bear
May 16th @ New Parish, Oakland, CA w/Himalayan Bear TIX
May 18th @ Mission Theatre, Portland, OR w/Himalayan Bear, The Dimes TIX
May 19th @ Rendezvous, Seattle, WA w/Himalayan Bear, Karl Blau
May 20th @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC w/Himalayan Bear  TIX


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Happy February everyone! Lots of projects in the works that I can’t officially announce yet… But… I have almost finished my new record! Just a bit of mixing left to do, and then it’ll be time to work on all the stuff that goes around the release of a record.

Here’s some art I love. Take a look around the blog, it’s filled with great stuff:

yellowtrace blog – Kumi Yamashita

Just watched Exit Through the Gift Shop! It was very well done. Also watched a cute little french movie called “Beinvenue Chez Les Ch’tis/Welcome to the Sticks”, which is a perfect movie for those times you want to watch something enjoyable, but without all the intensity. Speaking of intensity, I also loved True Grit.

Ok, stay healthy, there’s a bug going around. Wash your hands (but not with anti-bacterial soap. Just use normal soap. Save the antibiotics for when you have an infection. “Yes, mom”.)


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Available Light

It’s December!

Here’s an acoustic session I did for ‘Available Light’. This session is a special one, because it was filmed in the same living room my album, ‘Are You My Mother’, was recorded in. The piano I’m playing is the same piano that’s all over the record. Enjoy! xo K

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Hangin’ out in Australia – on my way to Perth today with the New Pornographers. It’s been a great tour so far, and included our first ever trip to Tasmania (Tazzie, as they like to call it). Learned some new phrases.. Budgie smuggler = a speedo (I’ve known that one for awhile now, but it’s still the best), Ripper = good (as in, “aye, that koala was rippa, mate”). We were going to swim in the ocean with the dolphins tomorrow (with happy dolphins, not dolphins in captivity), but two days ago someone got attacked by a shark around where we were planning on doing it, so… I think we’ll be sticking close to shore!

In other news, Slip Away video has just reached 200,000 views in less than a week! Check it out here :) Later skaters.

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Check out the video for “Arrow!”

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New Website!

As you have maybe noticed, or maybe have not noticed, I have a new website now up and running! It’s very exciting for me – I’m thrilled! Thanks to everyone who has bought my record, or songs from it, and thanks to those that couldn’t afford to buy it but have heard it and loved it and shared it too. I can’t share my music if there’s no one to share it with! In other news, there’s a new music video for my song ‘Arrow’ coming imminently. Can’t wait for you to see it.

xoxo K

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Are You My Mother Is Out

Hi Everybody! After 2 years of waiting, ‘Are You My Mother?’ is available for download TODAY! It’s a very exciting day for me! Check out the Media section and download the song ‘Arrow’ for free. Visit the Store page for links to your country’s iTunes, if you’d like to buy the record. Thank you!

love Kathryn

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